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MARCH 4, 2012

Hello Family!
How is everyone this week? This week was great here in State College. On Monday night we went on companionship exchanges with the Sisters next door. Usually for exchanges the Senior companions switch but because they had doubled in to the area Sister Carter and Sister Cohen went together and even though I am still a greenie I got to be the senior companion with Sister Plater who got here from the MTC at the beginning of the transfer. We had so much fun!! It was a really rainy and cold day but we had a lot of success.
On Tuesday afternoon Sister Plater and I taught a wonderful lady named Janet that Sister Carter and I met at a blood drive on Valentine's Day. The Elders met us at the church and we all gave Janet a tour of the church.  I dont know if I have mentioned this before, but Sister Carter and I are being filmed for a documentary that a student at Penn State is doing. Its actually really cool. We had to get it approved through church headquarters and everything but they said YES! So Kelly, the guy who is doing this film, has been following us around and he came to the church tour and sat in on the lesson and filmed us and took pictures and stuff. I plan on converting him by the end of the documentary. :) But he was there too. I felt bad that Janet had five extra people at her lesson but she is so prepared and you could feel the Spirit really strong during her lesson. It was still super rainy but Kelly wanted to get shots of us street contacting so we went street contacting instead of bus contacting for most of the evening so Kelly could experience diligent missionaries! Towards the end of the night Kelly left because it was raining super hard, he was like "maybe I should start filming some of your indoor activities! Being a Mormon missionary is COLD!" haha But Sister Plater and I knew we would be blessed if we continued in our diligence. We were both praying our heads off when we were almost home, at like 8:53 we saw one person standing at the bus stop. WE just looked at each other and she goes "thats the one huh?" and I nodded and we went over and shared a card with her and she said that she had been looking for a church and wanted to meet with us. It was an answer to our prayers and hers. When we walked away Sister Plater and I just hugged, right there in the rainy street and then said a prayer of gratitude.
When we got back to the apartment Sister Carter and Sister Cohen had gone inside a while ago because it was raining so hard. They were so proud of us staying out and being good greenies. That really started the week off great!
Later in the week, we went on a hunt to find the Fogelsangers, a part member family in the area, who happened to be Brint and Kim Dietrich's family. We found their farm and it was such a cool experience. Pauline opened the door and when I explained who I was and that I knew Brint and Kim, she immediately invited us in.
Side note, this week I have been a little stressed about our food situation. We really didnt have any this week or any money to get some because it was the end of the month and our money was gone and we didnt have any dinner appointments lined up for a while, so I had been praying to know what to do.
Well... we talked to Pauline for a little while and she goes "Do you missionaries want some food? We just had one of our cows slaughtered and the Amish packed it this week. We would be happy to give it to you!" I about died!
So she loaded up this box with fresh beef and then took us back in to her kitchen and gave us all the supplies to make a few dinner and snack packs and CapriSuns and soda and chips. We all had our arms full. It was such an answer to prayers.
She really didnt know us, she didnt know that we were out of food and she didnt need to give us anything. WE were just stopping by to say hello and she answered my prayers, directly!!
The next night none of the missionaries had dinner appointments so we all met at the lounge of our apartment complex and had tacos for dinner, compliments of Pauline!!
I know that our Heavenly Father is aware of our needs and loves us enough to give us a second to freak out and then He helps us.  I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to learn from that experience. Missionaries are taken care of and loved!! I am grateful for the week I had and I am excited to start a new one. It is Spring Break at Penn State this week so we are going to have to get creative with finding people, this place is a ghost town! But I am excited. I love you all!! I am so proud of Riley finishing school! Tell them to be safe travelling and enjoy Sara and Mase!! Have a great week!
Sister Andresen

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