Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Okay, this week was SO cool!!
Oh Monday night after P-Day ended we got a text from our investigator Tiffanie. She told us that she had been praying and knew she needed to get baptized and wondered if she could get baptized on Saturday!! We were FA-REAKING OUT!! I was so excited! We had to call our Zone Leaders and the AP's and get it cleared because it was so fast and needed to work some things out. On Wednesday night, we went to Huntingdon for her baptismal interview and she asked me to play the piano for her baptism. I didnt have my music here but I told her I would be happy to play. When we were on our way home the member that went with us, Sam (she is 19 and a student at Penn State and awesome), offered to call Mom and ask her to send the music and put it on speaker over her car speaker so I could hear Mom. We tried calling a few times and no one was answering but I knew it would take a few times before anyone would try to answer the phone so she kept calling. Finally, Mom picked up!! MOM, I HEARD YOU TALKING!! It was so cool!! I couldnt say anything but I got to listen to the whole conversation :) You sound good mom!! It was cool to hear Halle in the background and to hear from the source that you are missing me :) Sister Carter was crying in the backseat and when Sam hung up she was like "I am going to go hang out with your Mom when I get home!! I love her!!" I didnt cry, but Sister carter sure did hearing your voice!! I just really felt like we should keep calling and get a hold of you and when you answered and said that was an answer to your prayers, that was really cool for me to hear! So thank you for picking up the phone!! And for sending my music! I got my music on Friday, I am so sorry it was so expensive! My jaw dropped when I saw that. But Tiffanie cried when I was playing so if that makes up for it, theres that :)
On Saturday, Sam took us to the Church and cleaned and filled the font. It was pretty fun!! Then the Elders went and brought us lunch and we all ate and hung out at the church until the font was full. Then Tiffanie came and we took pictures and got her all dressed and ready to go. It was so cool! I was so humbled watching her be baptized. I realized that while I got to help teacher her, I really didnt do anything. The Holy Ghost taught her and I was just a tool to help. She was so prepared and ready and will be the next General Relief Society President, I know it! :)
I played Be Still My Soul as the musical number and Tiffanie really liked it. She cried and told Sister Carter how good I was. She was so sweet! I am so excited to watch her continue to grow in the Gospel. She was confirmed a member of the Church yesterday. Before her in the interview she asked if I could confirm her but then she remembered that it was a priesthood ordinance and had a member of the Branch do it. But isnt that so sweet!? I felt honored just being asked :)
This week I learned what a wonderful blessing it is to be a missionary. I am so grateful that I get to serve Heavenly Father and that He allows me to feel some of the joy He feels when people choose to follow Him. I know that Heavenly Father was excited to see Tiffanie get baptized and has wonderful things in store for her! I love Pennsylvania and I am so lucky Heavenly Father is allowing me to serve here!! Now that our one investigator got baptized we are going to get crazy with the finding!! I know that Heavenly Father is preparing people and we just need to catch 'em! I am so happy here! The Church is true!! This week Sister Adachi sent me a beautiful flower arrangement for Valentine's Day. It reminds me of how lucky we are to have such wonderful neighbors! I love our ward and am so glad that you are surrounded by such wonderful people! I know that Heavenly FAther put us there for a reason and has me here for a reason! I love you all an hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Andresen

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