Wednesday, February 6, 2013

JANUARY 28, 2013: I biffed it this week. Whatever.

Hello Family!!
This week was hilarious. Lets just start from the beginning...
Monday night we ate at this nonmembers house. After we ate subs, we played Yatzee. The elders were taking too long to roll and she just kept swearing at them and calling them names. It was wild. I think its the Vegas in me that helps me because that was my first time playing and I came in second place! Holla!
Tuesday night we ate with this funny old couple in the family ward. They took us to Hoss's Steak House. Apparently they used to be detectives back in the day and know all about how to be safe. They gave me a can of Mace to keep on my keychain and told me all these safety tips like "Every woman should carry a firearm. 44mm perferably." I said "Sister, do you carry a gun?" and she winked at me and nodded! SHE WAS PACKIN HEAT!! She is like 80 years old and carries a gun! It was so cute.
Wednesday we had an awesome AWESOME lesson! She was a referral from Las Vegas. She just moved here to go to school in Huntingdon, PA which is like 30 minutes away from us. So we had a member drive us to her dorm. The Spirit was so strong as we taught her and she pretty much asked to be baptized. She committed to be baptized on February 16!! So cool! I felt like I was going to barf during the lesson and got dizzy, so I was feeling the Spirit. :)
On Friday, we visited former investigators with the Elders. It was pretty cold and it rained then got cold so it was kinda icy but I had done okay all day until the last house. This house was like a trailer on stilts pretty much. It was in horrible condition and was so sad to see. The "stairs" were pretty much rotten 2x4s. So I let Sister Carter start down the stairs first, with the Elders behind me. Well, I stepped on the ice and slipped. My scriptures flew out of my hands and I slid down the entire staircase. I ate it. HARD. Sister Carter and Elder Boyd just started laughing their heads off. Elder DeRoest was like "Oh my gosh! Sister Andresen! I HEARD that! Are you okay? Of course you aren't! You should cry. You really should! Let me get the door for you!" I peeled myself off the driveway and got into the car and Sister Carter was like "Sister Andresen, Lets go to Sheetz and get you a Diet Coke. That sounded pretty nasty." My whole right hip is black and blue. Its the worst bruise I have ever had. Like my entire right side is a lumpy bruise. And my right arm has a pretty big goose egg on it. But it was hilarious. I just walk a little funny and I am careful where my skirt sits so it doesnt rub my hip. Saturday it was freezing cold and we met this guy named Todd who was giving bicycle tours of the city. So, true to Katie fashion, I whipped out my cash and got a tour on the back of this guy's bike. It was the funniest thing I have ever done! He was playing Irish music and kept yelling "VAMOS! VAMOS!!" to people. It was a great tour of "Happy Valley, PA" (aka State College). People were laughing and waving. It took him like an hour. On the hills he would be like "Okay, Sisters! Pray to feel lighter!" Haha! Totally worth it. I havent laughed that hard since I fell, and before that! A long time!! It was good.
It is so so cold here so its hard to get anyone to stop and talk to us. So I am getting good at accepting rejections. But I know that the Lord is preparing people to hear the gospel soon, so we just keep putting ourselves out there for when people are ready to listen. I got ten letters this week and 22 emails!! The wave hit!I dont feel lonely anymore!! Thank you all for loving me! I am mailing responses today! It was like Christmas when I opened the mailbox the other day to find all those letters. I love you all so much! I am starting to see how lucky I am to have been blessed with the Gospel my whole life. Nothing can make us happier than following God's commandments.
I love you all, till next week!
Sista Andresen

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