Wednesday, February 6, 2013

FEBRUARY 4, 2013: Happy February!!

Hi Family!
Can you believe another week has come and gone? I seriously felt like yesterday was P-Day! Crazy!! This week was pretty good. I came home Monday night to a package from Nana. Guess what Nana sent me?? HOMEMADE MR. GOODBARS!! I was freaking out! So excited. Mikie Flegal sent me a pretty sweet package too, including a homemade headband! Mom, I got your package this week too. Thank you so much for all the letters and gifts. Sister Carter really likes the necklace you sent her. Will you let Mati know that I will mail her a letter today? I am happy to hear things on the home front are going well.
This week Sister Carter and I had a case of the flu. I didnt throw up, but my companion sure did. So we were out of commission for one and a half days. But I was able to read all of Alma in my time inside!! The Book of Mormon is so amazing. Ive read it before but this is the first time that I can picture in my head what is going on as I read. I totally understand what is happening and that has never happened before. The stories are so cool! I am entertained as I read, and I feel the Spirit! SCORE!
We had rain and snow for most of this week so finding was still pretty tricky. Its understandable that peoplpe dont want to stop and talk to us or take their hands out of their pockets to accept the cards, but it doesnt make it any easier for us! We have our one amazing investigator that is helping me stay positive. We were able to teach her this week and it was a great lesson. She hadnt read the Book of Mormon this week so instead of teaching her the lesson we had prepared, we read the Book of Mormon with her. Once people gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon and understand the importance of reading it daily, things start to click. I have learned that I am nothing without the Book of Mormon. We wouldnt be here without the Book of Mormon. I just love it. I try to read the Book of Mormon in all my spare time, which is like never. But I read on the bus!
Our ESL class isnt going well. No one has showed up yet. But we are advertising it hard core and the branch fasted this week to help us find success. We know that there are people out there that need help speaking English and we can help them and introduce them to the Gospel. I am hoping that Thursday night our class will be full! We have put flier up all over campus, at the bus stops, and in the grocery stores in State College so hopefully more people will at least know when and where it is.
The work is progressing! I am happy and back to full health. With Sister Carter going home in March all of the missionaries in my district started "The Biggest Loser: Missionary Edition" today. We are having a competition to see who can lose the most weight before she goes home. The first reward or weigh in is two weeks from today. I am confident that I will win. We stopped in GNC today and I bought a 14 day cleanse. Ive never done a cleanse before but the lady said its the best way to start getting healthy. So the next 14 days I will be sugar, flour, and preservative free so I can win! And I will just feast on the words of Christ instead of food :)
I love you all. I am so sad to hear that Cal Jenkins passed away. He was such a good man and truly was my best friend when we lived next door. Will you tell Judy that I lover her and I am praying for her? I am so grateful for the friendship I had with Cal and wont forget the influence he had on me when I was little. I love the Jenkins and am grateful for the time we had to live by them.
Till next week,
Sister Andresen

Background information on the picture: This week we stopped at Walmart to get cold medicine and there is an Auntie Annie's pretzels in the Walmart. It was their 25th Birthday Celebration so I made sure to stop in and have a pretzel. Cinnamon sugar with cream cheese, just like what Mom and I used to get at Cottonwood Mall. People thought we were a little old to be celebrating but I couldnt pass up the opportunity to get a pretzel and reminisce on the good old days!

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