Thursday, January 24, 2013

JANUARY 21, 2013: One Month Down!

Hello All!
Another week as a missionary done. Its so weird how time passes here. Every day feels way long but time in general passes really fast. I had my "click day" or my month mark on the 19th. I have been a missionary for one whole month! So wild.
Sister Carter wrote me a nice message on the mirror to wish me a Happy Click Day. It is almost like a birthday here. It was awesome because I love my birthday and now I get one every month!
This week helped me understand what missionary work feels like. On Tuesday we had an appointment with someone who I gave a Book of Mormon to last week. I felt so prepared to teach him, made sure we got there early and was ready to roll. Well, he stood us up. I was totally devastated. I thought I had taught him enough in the street to make him want to show up and ask to be baptized. Guess not! But that experience humbled me really fast. Waiting for 15 minutes for my golden investigator to not show up taught we a lot. I was prepared and thats what counts! At least he has a Book of Mormon.
We have one investigator right now, Chris, who is reading the Book of Mormon and accepted a baptismal date! We taught him the Plan of Salvation this week and he loved it. It is so fun for me to teach people the Gospel. They dont even know what they are missing until we help them realize and then they love it!
After our district meeting this week we all went and ate at Five Guys. I have been wishing for one of their burgers since I got to the MTC so I was pretty much in heaven. I kept picturing when Dad would get us Five Guys and we would all sit and eat it on Mom's floor. Ripping open the fry bags and all!
Then we were listening to Enya in the car and I said "Oh I love Enya!! Wild Child is my jam! Can I borrow this CD?" and Elder Boyd goes "We will trade you Enya for Sister Carter's Missionary Mix CD." and Elder Deroest goes "ELDER! WE DO NOT TRADE ENYA FOR ANYTHING! THIS IS A BRAND NEW COPY!" hahahah
These Elders love Enya too! I was pretty much rolling in the back of their van. The Elders get to drive a nice 2012 Dodge Caravan and we have to ride the bus. Go figure.
For our service activity this week we hosted an American Red Cross blood drive Thursday. I wore my dress from Grandma Nae because it felt very "host"ish. It was so fun! I loved telling people what to do! :) While no body knew about the church or what being a missionary meant. once we explained it to them they all told us how admirable it was to leave out homes and teach people about God. And they all liked my dress. :)
Street contacting was rough this week. It was so cold that no one really wanted to talk to us. So I am learning to accept rejection really fast! Sister Carter was laughing her head off last night because I looked like Ralphie on A Christmas Story. I pretty much couldnt use my arms because I had so many layers on. But I was warmish! The weather is strange here because the temperature is warmer than UTah but the air is always wet so its colder! Its always wet! My glasses are constantly dirty or smudged because I am trying to wipe the condensation off.
I spoke in church yesterday. When we came to the library on Saturday to write and print my talk, the computer went wild when I hit print and it didn't print or save. So I had to wing it yesterday but it turned out really well. One of the members in our branch came up to me and told me he cried during my talk and appreciated the Spirit I helped bring. So nice!
I am learning to love the work. I am bone cold all day every day, and I catch myself falling asleep everywhere we go but I love it!! I am so excited to see what the Lord has planned for the coming few weeks. I hope you are all doing well. I was pretty pathetic this week when I would go to the mailbox and didnt have a single letter. Sister Carter, my companion, mailed me a letter this week. She loves me. And I know you all do too. So write me letters! I got a letter from Katie (Flegal) Jensen, Dad, and Sister Tholen the next day though, so I feel much better about that! :) Katie Jensen is the best. I love her so much. She is so in tune with the Spirit. I have a letter Im mailing her today. Sister Tholen is so great. She included pictures of the snow storm! That is crazy!! I hope you are all enjoying the snow, I am just enjoying the wet over here!
I love you all so much!! I hope you have a wonderful week!
Sister Andresen

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