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DECEMBER 24, 2012: Hello from the MTC!!

Merry Christmas Eve!
Our P-Day is supposed to be tomorrow but because it's Christmas and we have a "very special guest" coming we get to email today. Everyone thinks it's going to be President Monson but I don't know if I believe that. Anyways!! I am alive!! The MTC is wonderful! I feel myself getting fatter by the second. After I was taken away fro the curb I walked through a building and got a little packet with my name tags and stuff. Then this cute volunteer put it on me and gave me my MTC ID tag. I walked out the door and met my host missionary, Sister Aycock, and found the Elder with all my stuff. Sister Aycock took me to my residence and to get my supplies from the bookstore and dropped me off at my classroom. I met my teachers and waited until my companion came. Sister Kirk from Henderson, Nevada! We met the other Sisters in my room Sister Mellott and Sister Crane, going to Atlanta, Georgia. We went to a bunch of orientations and class for the rest of the day. My companion is really nice, but is struggling. Pray for her! She has a boyfriend back at home and really misses her family. Today she has been struggling a lot and her birthday is on Thursday, so I am trying to figure out how to make it special. She told me that she is going to be really depressed tomorrow and her birthday and not to expect much from her. I know she can be an awesome missionary if she didn't think so much about that kind of stuff.
Mostly all we do is go to class. We wake up at 6:30 AM (keep laughing, I practically cry as I get up every morning) and go to breakfast at 7:20. Its all pretty good. I am just never fully awake so I cant really remember what they serve even. Then we go to class until noon when we eat again then go to class then eat dinner then go to class then go to bed. Mostly they feed us all day, spiritually then physically.
Yesterday we got to walk to the temple which was pretty fun. Some people meet their families there! It was like so inappropriate! I couldnt believe it. Then we had a cool devotional by Elder Stephen B. Allen about repentance.
Today we just get to do whatever we want until tonight when we have a devotional and tomorrow we have a special Christmas. I fly to Pittsburgh on January 7th for sure! So you all have time to write!
I cant send any pictures because this place is Ft. Knox and the computers have like crazy blocks on them without a card reader. So just imagine how cute I am.
I love it here so much! I am so so happy. It is amazing to feel the spirit as strong as I do, all the time. I love the rules. Last night during the talk we watched by Elder Holland he talked about how this is the Lord's work and it needs to be done in His way. That is why we need to be obedient. I totally get it.
Merry Christmas! I love you all so much! I am so grateful for the Gospel and for the opportunity to be a missionary. I love the Lord so much!! The church is true!
Sister Andresen

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