Sunday, January 6, 2013

JANUARY 1, 2013: My last week in the MTC

Hello All!
Can you believe another week has past? This is my 3rd week here. WILD! Dearelder was backed up for a few days so I didnt hear from anyone for like four days. Then I got a package from Lisa Stephens, blessing numero uno and the rest came after that. Mom, YOU ARE WILD!! Those packages are awesome. The Elders loved that pumpkin bread. And I love those sweet rolls. And because we had three bottles of Martinelli's, we partied last night! Until like 10:30, we are missionaries after all. :) Sister Kirk's birthday was wonderful. Mom, thank you for sending her that package. That was the only thing she got that day and she loved it. Lisa, thank you for sending me a birthday package. I had a great December birthday! I am sad I missed Mason's blessing but I hear it was wonderful. Go Riley!! Im sorry Sara is sick. I am praying for her.
I had a cool missionary experience this week!! We have been teaching an investigator named Sarah since we got here. Our first attempt at teaching her ended with her asking us not to come back. I felt like I had been punched in the soul. It was rough. We taught her again (after many failed attempts to not have to teach her) and it went better. Yesterday, we taught her again and it was amazing!! We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and I all of a sudden got really hot and kinda felt like I was going to barf. I really felt like I should share something with her, and it didnt make any sense. But I was too nervous I was going to barf in the room so I just shared what I was thinking. It ended up changing the whole feeling of the lesson and she ended up sharing a lot with us and asked to be baptized!! AHHHH!! Note to self: When youre hot and need to barf... THATS THE HOLY GHOST!! So amazing. It felt like I could fly after that. Its so fun to see how the Holy Ghost will work with you if you stop being a turd! I borrow an SD car but I can only send one picture at a time. So I think we need to think of an alternative for sending pictures. But I dont know what that would be. Ill just send 80 emails this week and figure something out next week.
OH!! WE GOT OUR TRAVEL PLANS!! I fly out on Monday morning, the 7th at 6:45am. We have a 3 hour layover in Minneapolis (remember how I always wanted to go there??) from 10:30 to 1:25. I get to call so let me know when you want me to. Before 6:30 or during my 3 hour layover in Minnesota. I am pulling for the latter probably. We get to Pittsburgh at 4:30. I am so excited. I am about to be a real missionary.
I love you all so much. Thank you for all the letters, packages, and love. This is the best thing in the world!!
Sister Andresen

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  1. I must say my favorite is the way the HG comes in and she recognizes it. Its bizarre how many times in our lives we are spoken to by the spirit and do not recognize it. Hopefully the heat rush and barfing cools off so you aren't green and red flushed bearing your soul.
    Love you!!!!