Thursday, May 2, 2013

MARCH 25, 2013: Guess who is TRAINING?!?!

Hello Family!!
I cant believe this is the first day in my third transfer!! It felt like this past transfer flew by! This week was full of preparing. We were able to teach 4 recent convert lessons and had an opportunity to go to the Family History Library. I found 3 names to take to the temple!! I cant even explain the joy I felt finding those names and seeing I could do their work. I printed the request and can't wait to go and do temple work for MY family! I felt the Spirit so strong as I realized I could do temple work for my ancestors. Tiffanie and Tyler really liked the idea of family history work and are starting on doing their family work. They are going to the branch temple trip Saturday. It is such an amazing feeling knowing that they are going to the temple when 2 months ago they weren't members of the church. Its been such a blessing in my life watching them grow in the gospel and I am so excited to hear about their experience. I encourage everyone to try to get a name to take to the temple. I know I am not as powerful in my request as the general authorities are but it really is an amazing thing. I thought we had most of the work that could be done, done but I was so excited to see that I have work to do. And everyone else does. I picture people in heaven waiting the same way people on earth are waiting for the gospel. They just need someone to FIND THEM!! Preach My Gospel chapter 9 has some great finding ideas, but logging onto the computer is a lot easier to find those who are prepared :) There's my two cents on family history work. DO IT! This week we volunteered at the State College Women's Club. Its this cool charity that has a thrift store and once a week they open it to the public and all the proceeds go to charity. We got to help organize their racks and price clothes and stuff. It was awesome. I hope you know I bought a super nice wolf sweatshirt for a buck, a HAND cross-stiched sweatshirt and a very fancy BRAND NEW dress. Ill include pictures. It was awesome. Mom is not going to like the fact that I have those fancy outfits now but it was too good to pass up. I will be going back there again! Tonight we are traveling to Pittsburgh for transfers and get to spend the night with the Pittsburgh sisters so that's pretty exciting. President Topham called me Saturday night and officially asked me to train. I told him I was completely shocked and had no idea this was coming :) He said "Well Sister Andresen, you're the first one to say that" haha. Transfer meeting is tomorrow so Sister Carter will leave me and my new greenie will join the fun in State College. I've been holding myself together pretty good this past few days but last night I lost it. I threw her a surprise going away party with the other missionaries in the area and that was pretty fun but Sister Carter and I got in bed and I cried for like 2 hours. She was like "I feel like I should tickle your back or something, but you never cry so I don't know what to do!" haha. I feel super inadequate and scared to train. I know that the Lord qualifies those He calls, but it doesn't make me feel less.... 19 years old. I will be the senior sister in State College. President told me that Sister Cohen will be leaving and asked me to help finish training Sister Plater and help her train her sister in the area too so in reality I will be training 3 sisters, 2 brand new greenies and one in her second transfer, and trying to run State College. and I've only been out 2 transfers! Heavenly Father must think He is super funny giving me all this responsibility because I am scared!! I am praying harder than I ever have and I know it will be okay. The bonus to that is that I got the "senior companion" desk, chair, bed and closet!! I went from rags to riches in our apartment!! I am excited to see what this transfer will bring and how Heavenly Father will teach me and help me grow. I am so grateful for Sister Carter and I don't know what I am going to go without her. She has blessed my life so much and it kills me she is leaving. I feel like I'm losing my best friend! I have faith that God has big plans with my next companion because she has big shoes to fill. I love you all so much and pray for you. Pennsylvania felt a little farther away this week but I am grateful that I can pray and feel closer to you. I love you and can't wait to give you a big update on life next week. My next letter I'll be a trainer and senior companion! AHHH!! Pray for me.
Sister Andresen

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