Thursday, May 2, 2013

APRIL 22, 2013

Happy Monday!!
I can't believe this week has passed by so quickly! Spring finally hit! Every other day, just about, we have a rainstorm. I've never experienced rain like this. The air gets thick and you just know its supposed to rain. Usually 20 minutes after I say "IT JUST NEEDS TO RAIN!" The clouds explode and it rains harder than I've ever seen. Exciting stuff here! :) This weekend was "Blue and White" at Penn State, which is like their Alumni weekend. The streets were FLOODED with people! The buses were a little bit of a joke because everyone was drunk. I was shocked to see people, WITH THEIR PARENTS, drunk as a skunk! But Penn State is the number one party school for a reason. It was a little interesting trying to contact the intoxicated. I mostly tried not to get thrown up on or sat on all weekend. Sister Ferrin and I were just laughing our heads off trying not to gag at the smell of some of the buses. The joys of missionary work! On Friday it was the biggest rainstorm I've ever seen. Within minutes the street gutters were overflowing. Combined with the wind, our umbrellas were almost useless. No matter how much anti-humidity creme I put it my hair with that kind of rain, it never stays looking normal! Friday night we organized a little "Girls Night" dinner with some of the sisters in our branch. We were able to get a less-active sister, 2 recent converts and a nonmember as well as 3 more sisters from the branch! It was so exciting. With the rain being so crazy we were running from building to building from campus to downtown trying not to get soaked. We were quite the sight! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time! When we all came running into the restaurant we looked like wet dogs! But I was just beaming seeing everyone talking with each other! We ate at this restaurant called "Baby's" (which I LOVE! Its a little 50's diner) and they have this burger called the "Cray-z Burger" which is a cheeseburger on a donut. And most of us got it. It wasn't even gross! I wouldn't eat it everyday, but I rather enjoyed it! Someone should make that in Utah, it would be a big hit. Saturday the Elders had a baptism of this sweet lady named Kathy. She is probably in her mid-60s. They asked us if we would come and help her get ready, which was a really cool experience for me. Kathy was so excited and was so proud to be following Jesus Christ. When we were in the bathroom as she was heading down into the font she said "Sister Andresen. I'm not quite sure I remember what to do. You just do this right?" And grabbed me and had me practice how she was supposed to stand and hold Elder Boyd's wrist and stuff. I was like "YEP! Go on...." I felt a little awkward practicing her baptism with her, with Elder Boyd watching from inside the font! She was baptized and then came and gave Sister Ferrin and I a big hug as we handed her her towel. It is such a cool experience to be able to watch others be baptized and make covenants with Heavenly Father. Kathy was like "You were both baptized when you were 8 right?" And we both said yes and she goes "Well you should do it again. ITS THE BEST!" haha. Yep Kathy, it totally is! :) I am so grateful that I am a missionary! I am able to have experiences that help me come closer to my Savior every day. This is the last week of classes at Penn State so we are finishing out Institute and our ESL class. I am going to be sad when I don't get to talk to my Muslim friends every Thursday night! But they all will pass the TOFEL no problem! (thats the english test they have to pass to be a student. We have worked all semester helping them prepare!) I love State College! I love Sister Ferrin and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! Happy Birthday to the big D-A-D this week. Nifty Fifty, right dad? :) Too old to count! love you tons! Have a great weeek!
Sister Andresen

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