Tuesday, July 30, 2013

June 17, 2013

First things first, HAPPY FATHERS DAY!! Big shout out to my Papa. I love you Dad!! Yesterday I was asked to play the piano in church and felt a little strange playing on Father's Day for other peoples Fathers! But it was great Dad, don't worry. Well this week was full of excitement, ending in the call that I am being transferred. AGAIN! The situation is a little unique this transfer, so I already know where I am going. I will be serving in Camp Hill, PA with Sister Maddox. Who was actually trained by Sister Carter as well!! We will leave this afternoon and will spend the night there tonight! It is a little discouraging because I moved into the new apartment just over 2 weeks ago and have to move again! And I worked so hard to make that apartment cute, but I guess that's missionary life for ya! Earlier in the week I was able to go on Exchanges to Camp Hill actually, because Sister Maddox is the "Sister Training Leader", its a new position created world-wide. Its kind of like the Sister version of the Zone Leader. Anyways, I was in Camp Hill earlier and really enjoyed myself and mentioned to a few members we taught with " I hope I can come back soon!" Look at that premonition :) So that's pretty exciting. I will be there tonight, so send the mail to Camp Hill now!! The new sisters will be forwarding any mail that is sent here in Berwick though, so don't worry if you've sent stuff here. This week missionary work wise was another hard one. Linda, our awesome referral and progressing investigator called and dropped us. Hard. I was driving and heard Sister Roberts go "Oh. Okay. That's okay. Call us if you change your mind. Bye." and I asked what happened and she said Linda told her she didn't want to take the lessons anymore. I instantly pulled over and explained that we are selling salvation, not Tupperware and it wasn't okay and grabbed the phone. I called Linda and tried to talk her off the edge but she was done. She said she didn't like that we don't have ordained preachers and is too old and set in her ways to change her mind. It was really hard to hear. She was a really sweet lady and I was so sad to hear her decide not to take the lessons anymore. Heavenly Father must be trying to teach me something, but I am still not getting the message I guess. I continue to be humbled everyday by someone who slams a door in my face or yells at me to get off their porch, and I am praying to find the person that I am out here to find. I'll let you all know what I figure out the lesson :) On a lighter note, when I started my mission Heavenly Father encouraged me to read the Book of Mormon once a transfer, or every six weeks. I was about as confused as you are reading that when I felt that impression. But I knew exactly what He said, so I've followed that since the start of my mission and yesterday I finished the Book of Mormon for the 4th time on my mission, the last day of my 4th transfer. When I got to Moroni 10, I got emotional and ended up crying through the whole chapter! That has never happened to me before, but it was really cool. I felt the Spirit in such a calm way and I was crying for quite a while. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and another testament of Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon and my testimony that it is true. I know that I need to share the Book of Mormon with as many people as possible and I know that I need to read it so frequently so that my testimony can be strengthened continually. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much with the Book of Mormon. So many people sacrificed everything they had, including their lives, so that we can read that book and come closer to returning to our Heavenly Father. So everyone in the world should read it! This week marks my six month mark as a missionary. Can you believe its been that long? Sometimes I cant believe its ONLY been that long. I feel like I've been having doors slammed in my face forever! :) It's so weird to think that a third of my mission has been lived out already! If I continue at this transfer rate I'll have served in 9 places by the end of my mission! Hopefully I'll get to stay in Camp Hill longer than 6 weeks, but I wont hold my breath! This week also marks Mom and Dad's anniversary!! June 18! don't think I would forget. Sometimes I forget my own name, my headaches are so bad, but I wouldn't forget that! Happy Anniversary you cute kids!! Thanks for getting married. I seriously am so grateful for your wonderful example in temple marriage and I cant wait for the day that I get to have my own eternal marriage! This week coming week should be a whole new set of experiences and excitement.
Sister Andresen
PS My address is: 405 Brookview Court, Mechanicsburg PA 17050
PPS Check out the street I found this week in Bloomsburg. Thats Sister Carters first name!!
The second picture is me washing my laundry today. I needed a good washing today too :)

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