Thursday, August 8, 2013

Another Day, Another DOLLA

Since returning home from my mission, I've spent countless hours in the temple praying to know what I am supposed to do. I've spent every Sunday after church meeting with my Bishop, and I've emailed my Mission President more times than I'd like to admit, searching for advice. They all spoke the same phrase to me, suggesting that I quote, "move on." Comforting right. WRONG.

But... I know that these men are called of God and are inspired, and if they all gave me the same suggestion, it might as well be gold. So as I've been looking for what exactly "moving on" means, I decided it was time to get a job. So two weeks ago I decided to apply at Target, because I just love Target and ARUP Laboratories because one of my best friends growing up worked their after we graduated and he loved it. They called me and I went in for an interview and just kept looking. While I was waiting to hear from them, one of my really good friends Syd texted me and asked if I needed a job, and hooked me up with an interview at Downeast Basics at the Gateway because she worked for Downeast. So I ran to the interview pretty much, and was instantly hired. On my way home, Target called and offered me a job, which I politely declined because I just loved my boss at Downeast. She seriously is the cutest girl, and so nice.

Later on this week, after my first day at Downeast, ARUP called and offered me a job as an Exceptions Handling Technician. Not exactly sure what that position means but, I was beyond excited for the job. The pay is wonderful, its full-time but its 7on/7off so its a little weird. I was so sad to have to call and let Downeast call, so I threw myself on my Mom's bed and told her all about it. To which she responded, "Poor kid, sorry you can't have them both!!" I felt the same exact way. So I depressingly called Jenn, my boss at Downeast and told her that I was offered a job at ARUP and explained how I was offered better pay, and more benefits and felt like I needed to take the job. To which she responded how much she loved me, the company needed me and she would be willing to work with whatever schedule I could give her to keep me. Including offering whatever pay raise she could. I COULD HAVE BOTH!

So this week I learned the accuracy of the statement, "When God closes a door, He opens a window."
Heavenly Father is requiring me to get healthy, and "Move On." But He is making that process a little easier. A few weeks ago, I was complaining to one of my friends how it seems like when RM's come home home they just have jobs "fall" into their laps, and that wasn't happening to me and she responded by telling me to just be patient. Something I'm not very good at. I am so grateful that I have so many blessings headed my way. Hopefully with such great sources of income I'll be able to save money to get back to BYU sooner rather than later, maybe get a car, and get a jump start on my savings!!

Thank you for the continued prayers on my behalf. Things are looking up. As for my health right now, not much progress since the last update. I had my MRI last Friday, but we haven't gotten any results yet. One of my new medications, called Topamax, is having a fun side-effect though. My memory is the size of a goldfish. I am pretty much Dory. I literally forget things as I am saying them. I have to write things on Post-It Notes but I forget what they are for when I get around to re-reading them! My migraines are down to about once a week which is a total improvement, but I still have a throbbing headache every day, so hopefully we will see more improvement on that. Once we hear back with the results from my MRI, we will know more about the lumbar puncture and the next steps going forward. But my plan is to keep on keepin on!

If you made it this long without bailing, here are some pictures to reward you for your patience and diligence. Sorry it was so lengthy!!

Recent temple trip with one of my favorite Sisters from my mission. Forgot to take a picture by the temple, so we got the lovely parking garage. Equally as artistic.... Right??

 I didn't realize how SAD farewells are. Mine was fun. Saying goodbye was fun when I was the one leaving. I went to one of my best friends farewell's from high school... one of the few left. Weird. But it wasn't that fun knowing that she was leaving and I was staying. But it was good to see Amy Baby making such GREAT choices. Guatemala is lucky!!

Just tryin on wigs after Chemo with my favorite Survivor ever. Huntsman is like the flippin Ritz. That place is sha-naz-ay. The wigs however, are not.

Happy Birthday to Utah and my Brother Riley!! Nothing says party like a rodeo. YEEEHAW!! I sure felt uncomfortable at that venue. Let me tell you what. Nothin makes your head hurt like immodesty. Just sayin.

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